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Flygt’s Non-Clogging Self-Cleaning N-Impeller

Flygt Non-Clogging Self-Cleaning N-Impeller

A wastewater pump’s throughlet size is frequently used to specify clog resistance even by leading manufacturers. Clogging is a critical and highly undesirable operational problem in wastewater pumping, which results in increased operational costs and emergency calls from end users. Therefore, clogging of impellers drastically reduces pump efficiency and causes pump tripping.

Single vs Vortex Impeller

There are two possible main impeller-design options to maximize the throughlet size as below:

Figure 1 Left:Single Vane Close Impeller (KSB E Impeller), Right: Vortex Impeller (KSB F Impeller )

These designs almost always suffer from numerous drawbacks such as:

Single-vane impeller:

  • Relatively low efficiency (with more impeller vanes, higher efficiencies can be achieved)
  • Signifcant rotating radial forces (this causes high shaft and bearing loads as well as increased vibration and noise)
  • Difficulty in balancing (the impeller is water-filled during operation)
  • Impeller trimming leads to further imbalance

Vortex impeller:

  • Very low efficiency:

Investigations and studies of modern wastewater have shown that it rarely contains hard, solid, spherical objects with a diameter as large as the inner diameter of the piping system.

Passing Through Items Probability Graph

Figure 2 the types of solids that can pass through a traditional impeller with a large throughlet. The green area indicates objects with a high probability to pass through the pump. The red area indicates a higher probability of clogging.


Clogging in Traditional Impellers

The company’s knowledge from the large installed base of wastewater pumps has provided data necessary to develop self-cleaning non-clogging N-impeller.

Pass Through Probabilities

Figure 4 The green area indicates objects with a high probability to pass through the pump. While the red area indicates a higher probability of clogging, the green area is much larger than for a traditional, large throughlet pump.

New Hydraulics Methods

Figure 5 Modern self-cleaning hydraulic design

The Flygt™ pumps with self-cleaning hydraulics using the N-Impeller Technology will not accumulate the solid objects that are likely to be found in modern wastewater. As a result, it delivers sustained efficiency and increased clog resistance, which results in minimized costs for operation, service, and maintenance.

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