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Flygt’s pumps work 15 years without repair in Chah-e Nimeh

Flygt™ pumps working for 15 years in the roughest conditions without any maintenance in Chah-e Nimeh!

The Chah-e Nimeh lakes are natural wells/dams that are fed by the Helmand River through a canal across the Iranian-Afghan border.

In recent years, the water level has declined steadily since the rain falls have dramatically been scares in the region.

Preventive measures such as the construction of a fourth dam have been built and supplied by Chah-e Nimeh’s water and another channel, which helped reduced concerns for now.

These sources of water have been supplying water to the city of Zahedan for more than 15 years and recently provide resource to the city of Sistan.

In Zahedan, the well water supply system, which is constructed with the estimation of future needs. The well is divided into two parts, one which has been operated for 15 years by four Flygt™ pumps.

The second part that is supposed to be equipped with new Flygt™ N-type pumps to meet the growing needs of fresh water in Zahedan.

For 15 years, four 250kW pumps have been used to supply water to Zahedan. They operated 24/7 from 2008 till today without undergoing any repair and maintenance, constantly being in a submerged rough condition.

Our client called us to inform us that one of the pumps recently encountered a problem, so we sent our team to Zahedan for inspection. Since attention was not paid to the CLS and FLS alarms, the pump was completely disabled due to the excessive wear, tear of the rings, the mechanical flood and the gradual filling of the stator with water.

However, the three remaining pumps are continuously working with high vibration to provide fresh water to the city of Zahedan.

According to Flygt™ experts, if every 5 years, a routine and partial maintenance were carried out, these pumps could be exploited for another 15 years without any major repair needed.

Flygt™ pumps continue to illustrate their efficiency and quality around the world and in the toughest working conditions, like in Chah-e Nimeh.


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