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At Persia Aqua, we represent our partners by providing them access to new markets

Our History

The history of Persia Aqua Partners goes back more than 25 years, when we started to operate the leading Swedish water pump technology brand, Flygt™, under the company name Elika Trading Co., from 1990 to 2001, followed by KYA Engineering Co. Ltd, from 2002 till 2008. Today, our team is composed of experienced and talented professionals willing to provide the best support and serve our customers in the long-term.


Our Mission

Our unique goal is to serve our customers by providing the best design, engineered and after-sales products and services.


“Flygt provides top-notch products and we would be glad to collaborate with them”

M. Jenab

“Flygt is the Rolls-Royce of submersible pumps”

Mr. Rashidi
Purchasing manager

Our Partners

Some of our key brands include:

Why Choose Us ?

You should choose our Partners’ brands and Persia Aqua because they are the most efficient, reliable and long-term investments you could make for your projects.

  • State of the art technology
  • Trustworthy partner
  • Long-term vision

Our Focus

We focus and serve a large range of industry segments such as


Our products serve water treatment, wastewater and desalination plants.


From steel to food & beverage manufacturing, we provide solutions in industrial processes


The mining industry handles a large amount of water in their digging and extraction stages

oil & gas

From offshore oil platforms to petrochemical plants

agriculture & irrigation

Water constitutes a critical resources for agriculture


Every infrastructure has to handle the flow of water in order to maintain its balance

Our Products & Services

Our range of products include

Our Latest News

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Flygt’s Non-Clogging Self-Cleaning N-Impeller

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Special Offer: Flygt’s Special Spare Parts on Sales

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Flygt’s pumps work 15 years without repair in Chah-e Nimeh

Flygt™ pumps working for 15 years in the roughest conditions without any maintenance in Chah-e…

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Persia Aqua Partners is a firm that partners with international companies willing to enter the Iran market. We serve corporate clients ranging from the infrastructure to the energy sector

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